This is a Biblical Financial Study that teaches people God's financial principles in order to know Christ more intmately and to be free to serve him. This study is affordably priced because we do not want cost to be an obstacle to people who desire to participate. The study lasts for 10 weeks during the spring and fall seasons and meets once a week. For more information about Crown Ministries please go to


This ministry is an interactive and proactive organization of lay people, health professionals, and clergy. This ministry promotes holistic health and wellness (spirit, mind, and body) for the congregation and the community. Activities of the ministry include: health fairs, mental health seminars, hypertension screening, and diabetes management workshops.


This organization’s purpose is to instill in its membership a love and appreciation for the history, tradition and principles of African Methodism; advocate respect and loyalty to constituted authority, encourage the support of the total program of the local church; foster systematic and regular study which will provide greater knowledge and participation in the church; organize and train lay members concerning the goals and objectives of the Connectional Lay Organization. (The Doctrine and Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1996) Activities of the Big Bethel Lay Organization include a Lay Appreciation Banquet and a Youth Explosion.


This ministry proclaims the supreme worth of the value of the marriage. Each fourth Sunday is Marriage Emphasis Sunday. Spouses celebrating anniversaries during the month come before the congregation to praise their mates and renew their marital vows. Married couples should register their anniversary with the leaders of this ministry so that they might be included in the 4th Sunday observance.


This ministry is responsible for the audio and video recording of all services and church-sponsored events. Audio recordings are provided upon request and payment of $5 per tape in the Old Finance Room immediately following the morning services. Volunteers are needed to staff the soundboard and assist with the distribution of tapes, especially to persons in hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes. Tapes of earlier services (up to one year) may also be ordered from the Tape Ministry Catalog following any Sunday Worship Service. Persons interested in participating in this ministry should contact the church office.


The Men of Big Bethel (MOBB) is the umbrella organization of the men’s ministries at Big Bethel. This ministry encompasses the Fishers of Men Bible Study, the Male Usher Board, the Johnson/Schofield Male Chorus, the Brother to Brother Fellowship, and the Sons of Allen. The MOBB Council consists of presidents and representatives from each of the men’s ministries. The council is responsible for coordinating the activities of the men’s ministries and overseeing efforts that are cooperative of all the men’s ministries, such as Men’s Emphasis Month.


This ministry is designed to welcome new members to the Church. Every person who joins the Big Bethel family is required to attend New Members’ Orientation to gain insight into the role of Big Bethel in God’s plan for our community. The orientation classes, which are led by the Stewards of the Church, are designed to encourage discipleship, productive membership, and fellowship.


The Philippians Ministry is the ministry of greeters. Named for the church at Philippi which Paul commended for serving the Lord with joy, the Philippians assure that everyone who enters the house of the Lord is made to feel welcome.


The Recreation Ministry is designed to foster fellowship, evangelism and outreach through recreational activities. The main activity of this ministry is an adult softball team which plays in a Metropolitan Atlanta church softball league. Practice and games are held on Saturday mornings during softball season (May-July).


This committee is responsible for awarding educational scholarships to Big Bethel Church members on an annual basis. The committee reviews applications and recommends awardees who are honored on Graduate Recognition Sunday. Committee members are appointed by the Pastor.


This ministry provides fellowship for the senior adults of Big Bethel. Activities include social functions such as picnics, theme parties, trips to points of interest, and special guest speakers. This ministry also seeks to minister to the seniors more personal needs through Adopt-A-Grandparent Plan, Living Will Planning, Last Will and Testament Planning, Phone Buddy Plan (for aging seniors living alone), and Assisted Living Planning. Persons age 55 and up are encouraged to join. Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 12:30 p.m.


The Social Action Ministry is designed to encourage the congregation to uphold our fore parents’ commitment to social justice issues. The ministry’s primary responsibility is to assure that every member of the church who is eligible is registered to vote. Voter Registration will be held one Sunday per month.


The Sons of Allen is a Connection-wide fellowship through which African Methodist men enhance their sense of belonging to the church and within the kingdom of God. This ministry is also a vehicle through which African Methodist men share in the work of ministry. Membership into the Sons of Allen is open to all men of the congregation and the community of the Church. Men interested in becoming involved with this ministry should contact a member of the Men’s Ministries Council.


This ministry provides transportation to persons desiring to worship at Big Bethel. Worshippers must live within the I-285 perimeter to be eligible for pick up. Persons needing transportation to Church School or the 11:00 a.m. worship services or other special events should contact the Church office by noon on Thursday to make transportation arrangements. The ministry needs additional drivers to assist with this ministry.


The mission of this ministry is to assist in the spiritual growth and development of all women. This ministry seeks to minister to the whole woman and her unique spiritual, emotional, physical, fiscal, social, and psychological realities as a Black woman in America. Activities include: Bible study, prayer teams, seasonal retreats, conferences, seminars, fellowships, a book club, sisterhood-building outreach projects, health and fitness classes and workshops, an investment club, financial management classes and workshops, and a mentoring program linking younger and older sisters in fellowship and support.


The Women’s Missionary Society shall support and participate in mission outreach programs and activities as designated by the local church. As an advocate, the society shall urge change in systems and structures which exclude and alienate, and work for peace and justice in the community. Provide opportunities for worship, study, and support financially the total program of the WMS at the conference, district and connectional level.


This ministry is devoted to young adults (men and women) between the ages of 20-32 who are interested in Christian fellowship and community service. Activities of this ministry include Bible study, a book club, social outings, sporting events, business networking and service projects.


Yoga and massage