Beauty For Ashes



Our “Beauty for Ashes” provides care and response to those who have been impacted by homelessness or some other stage of life transition that finds them “on the street”.

Thanks to the generosity of Big Bethel, we were and will be able to serve several individuals and families with items and services that will help in their response to their
current life circumstances.  Specifically, we have and will provide the following:

  1. Hot showers (onsite via portable trailers).

  2. Washer/dryers (onsite via portable trailers).

  3. Hot meals (breakfast/lunch).

  4. Warm weather items include sleep mats, rain ponchos, blankets, hats/gloves/scarves/coats, and undergarments (men/women).

Your gift directly supports these services/items and has allowed us to meet the needs of Auburn Ave. Homeless community and metro Atlanta at large.  We thank god for your timely gift!!  

Big Bethel AME church, the oldest African American congregation in the city of Atlanta, began as a house of worship and refuge for believers in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Founded in 1847, Big Bethel has been an important community institution that has served as a leader, innovator, advocate, and convener. 

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